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These are my projects pages. Well, it may be plural over time. I'm starting with my current 3-way. My designs were always primarily for personal use. I had, and still have, no burning desire to create a number of DIY projects to make public. There's certainly no dearth of good projects freely available on the net. There's also the issue of personal preferences, so what I like may not do it as well for another.

I've also always been a bit critical of my own designs, thinking that I could improve them, one reason why I've tended to leave the woodworking unfinished. However, recently I've been much more satisfied with the results. Several inquiries have been made about this 3-way after a few posts on the Madisound and Parts Express discussion boards, so I've agreed to provide basic information so that others may consider them.

November 2006

My favorite system to date is a 3-way that comprises a Scan-Speak 25W/8565-01, Scan-Speak 12m/4631 and a Hiquphon OW1. The 25W has been the only unchanging driver as my main system has evolved over time. I've had four different midranges and three different tweeters in medium or long term use, but the 25W remains. I'm using it with a passive radiator that gives it enough low end response that I seldom turn on my Velodyne ULD15-II subwoofer.

The Chameleon: An SB Acoustics 2-Way - Hosted by Zaph Audio

3-Way Passive: 25W8565-01/12M4631/OW1

2-Way Passive: Insignia Crossover Re-Designs